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A taste of Korean cuisine

A Taste of Korean Cuisine

For a lot of students this will be the first foray into the mysterious but now in trend and booming cuisine that is Korean food. A cuisine rich is culture and history using ancient techniques such as pickling, salting and fermentation.

Students will get to make the following dishes to take home and eat:

  • soy and pear braised pork ribs
  • shallot and garlic chive pancake with soy dipping sauce
  • beef bibimbap with chojang
  • cabbage kimchi

Students will get to learn the following cooking methods and techniques:

  • shallow frying
  • blanching
  • salting
  • fermentation
  • braising

This class will give a great insight into how to:

  • create balance of flavours with Korean food
  • use and translate Korean condiments
  • customise and adapt recipes for your personal preferences at home or work
  • a foray into fermentation
  • store and use kimchi
  • cookery methods that can be used at home
  • tell if your kimchi is a success.

Students will be able to leave this class with a better understanding of how to cook Korean food, use Korean produce and ingredients and the chance to show off their new skills to friends and family. Students will get the opportunity to ask questions and advice from a teacher that has owned and operated a Korean restaurant for 3 years and been cooking Korean food for 14 years now.

Everything created in this class is for students to take home; all materials are included in the cost. As part of this course, a detailed recipe book is provided.  

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