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Sugar showpiece

Sugar 1 2018

Working with sugar and creating designs is a true art and a highly sought after skill that sets you apart. Begin your journey into the art of sugar artistry with learning the foundation skills from industry experts.

What you will learn

  • how to weigh, cook and colour sugar 
  • simple casting, moulding and pulling techniques 
  • how to make a basic but impressive bird of paradise flower
  • how to assemble a showpiece 
  • single coloured ribbon
  • understand the importance of basic recipe and handling fundamentals
    • addition of acid
    • addition of glucose
    • cooking temperature
    • handling temperature
    • gluing sugar components.

Each student is provided with their own individual workstation and works on his / her own showpiece.

Students get to take their showpiece home at the end of the course. Approximate dimensions: L 200mm x W200mm x H500mm.
A detailed recipe book is provided as part of the course.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.




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