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Dim Sum

Dim Sum3

It is a traditional Chinese meal made up of small dishes including dumplings and snacks. These dishes can be savoury or sweet, steam, baked or fried and served either in bamboo baskets or on small plates.  

Dim Sum is often consumed as breakfast, morning snack or lunch and even for some late afternoon snacks. It is mainly served with hot tea which is where the term Yum Cha came from as Yum Cha in Cantonese refers to “drink tea”.  

Students will get to make the following dishes to take home and eat: 

  • Cantonese vegetable spring rolls 
  • chicken & lup cheong dumplings  
  • egg custard tart. 

Students will get to learn the following cooking methods and techniques: 

  • boiling 
  • deep-frying 
  • stir frying 
  • baking
  • steaming. 

This class will give a great insight into how to:

  • accompaniments and garnishes 
  • understanding appearance and presentation of the dish 
  • the important of freshness  
  • use a zhenglong (bamboo steamer) during the cooking process 
  • how to incorporate flavour and texture in your dishes. 

Everything created in this class is for students to take home; all materials are included in the cost. As part of this course, a detailed recipe book is provided.  

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