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Soft & crusty bread rolls, hamburger buns and Scottish baps


This hands on and interactive course is a great way to start you on your journey of bread making. 

Experience first-hand how quick and easy you can make a variety of bread rolls and buns from scratch that smell, look and taste amazing and are free from additives. 

  • 3 corner Scottish baps 
  • Oval Scottish baps
  • Hamburger buns 
  • Crusty bread rolls (knots, double knots, rosetta and 1 strand plait’s)  
  • 4 strand plaited loaf

This courses is designed in a way that learning outcomes can be replicated both in a professional as well as a home environment. All bread rolls are moulded by hand so that students are able to replicate the learning outcomes easily after attending the course, without the need of specialist equipment. 

You will learn how to make perfect Scottish baps, soft and delicious hamburger buns as well as four different shapes and finishes of your very own crusty bread rolls. You will finish the day by learning how to make a four strand plaited loaf that can be used as a centrepiece or simply can be shared with family and friends on its own. 

What you will learn: 

  • how to make three different bread dough’s from scratch 
  • understand important technical aspects of instant dough’s such as ingredients, mixing, hydration, proving dough, oven temperatures and baking
  • how to make, shape and bake Scottish baps, hamburger buns and a selection of crusty bread rolls 
  • how to shape knots, double knots, rosetta’s and 1 strand plait’s by hand
  • how to shape a large 4 strand plaited loaf. 

All students work on their own recipes and are hands-on from start to finish. Each student makes generous dough volumes in all our bakery courses, providing the opportunity to practice outcomes more than once.

Each student will make and take home the following:

  • 8 x 3 corner Scottish baps 
  • 20 x oval Scottish baps
  • 18 x hamburger buns 
  • 20 x crusty bread rolls (knots, double knots, rosetta and 1 strand plait’s)  
  • 1 x 4 strand plaited loaf

Everything created in class is for students to take home, all materials are included in the cost of the course. 

A detailed recipe booklet is provided as part of the course.

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our terms & conditions.  

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