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Artisan bread loaves


We all love the smell of freshly baked bread, now you can revel in our classic bakery classes and start kneading your dough from scratch. 

Beginners will work on their foundation techniques in dough making and moulding for the home baker. Intermediates will advance their skills and learn additional trends and styles in international breads, yeast pastries, sweet buns, and creating your own sour starter.

Professionals in our advanced and master classes will enhance their extensive experience with new, modern and advanced techniques in artisan breads and the development of sourdough and preferment.

Bakery Intensive – 5 day introduction to breads & pastries

Learn the art of making bread and yeast dough based pastries

Start date: Tuesday 03/10/2017 Duration 5 days

The art of sourdough

Learn all the essentials to bake sourdough bread for your family and friends.

Start date: Saturday 14/10/2017 Duration 1 day

Viennoiserie – brioche, croissants, pain au chocolat & danish pastries

Learn the traditional method of lamination to create skillful and delicious morning pastries.

Start date: Friday 20/10/2017 Duration 2 days

Soft & crusty bread rolls, hamburger buns and Scottish baps

Learn how to make a variety of bread rolls and buns from scratch that smell, look and taste amazing!

Start date: Saturday 28/10/2017 Duration 1 day

Artisan bread

Learn the art of creating beautiful artisan loaves using long fermentation methods.

Start date: Friday 03/11/2017 Duration 2 days

Pâte feuilletée – the secrets of making puff pastry

Learn all there is to know about making perfect puff pastry.

Start date: Saturday 11/11/2017 Duration 1 day