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Hand-moulded chocolates


Indulge in our heavenly chocolate courses, working with superior couveture chocolate.

Beginners will work on their foundation techniques in tempering coverture and basic chocolate production. Intermediates will advance their skills and learn additional trends and styles in moulding, hand dipped and seasonal chocolates.

Professionals in our advanced and master classes will enhance their extensive experience with new, modern and advanced techniques for showpiece artistry and advanced multilayered fillings and finishing.

The art of chocolate - level 1 & 2

Learn the art of creating a variety of moulded and hand enrobed chocolates that will impress your family and friends.

Start date: Friday 20/09/2019 Duration 2 days

Chocolate Foundation Skills - Level 1

Learn how to temper chocolate and make chocolate bars, mendiants & almond rochers

Start date: Saturday 30/11/2019 Duration 1 day