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Cake design and decoration

Get crafty with our cake design and decorating courses, and you’ll be wishing you could spend every day piping intricate icing patterns and having fun with fondant. 

Beginners will learn the fundamental techniques involved in covering, decorating, piping, stencilling and colouring cakes. 

Intermediate students will learn more advanced skills and learn additional approaches to modelling, decorating and piping. 

Professionals can enhance their existing expertise with a variety of more challenging methods in traditional and contemporary cake making, including figurines and modelling, when they study our advanced and master classes. 

Buttercream piping & creative floral designs level 1

Start your journey by learning all the basics of buttercream piping and create beautiful floral designs.

Start date: Saturday 23/11/2019 Duration 1 day

Essential Baking and Finishing Skills - 2 x 3.5 hour evening classes

Understanding the use of ingredients, basic mixing and baking skills are the foundation of every good cake.

Start date: Tuesday 26/11/2019 Duration 2 days

Creating buttercream flowers, foundations level 2

Take your first steps into the art of piping Korean style buttercream flowers, creating 6 different flowers.

Start date: Saturday 30/11/2019 Duration 1 day

Gingerbread house that lights up

Come and join us for this fun gingerbread house workshop that will impress family and friends.

Start date: Saturday 30/11/2019 Duration 1 day

Essential Baking and Masking Skills – 2 x 3 hour evening classes

Bake 3 different cakes, create a multilayered, multi-flavoured cake, finished with a water-colour effect.

Start date: Tuesday 03/12/2019 Duration 2 days

2D & 3D Christmas cupcakes

Learn how to make some unique gifts for your loved ones this Christmas!

Start date: Saturday 07/12/2019 Duration 1 day

Two-Tiered semi naked vanilla cake

Learn how to create this beautiful & indulgent two tiered semi naked cake, incorporating a drip effect & fresh flowers.

Start date: Saturday 07/12/2019 Duration 1 day

Cake decorating intensive - foundation skills - 5 days

In this fun and hands-on program you will learn the fundamental skills of cake decorating.

Start date: Monday 13/01/2020 Duration 5 days

3D Jelly artistry

Come join us in this hands-on and interactive class and learn how to make these beautiful 3D Jelly flowers.

Start date: Saturday 08/02/2020 Duration 1 day

Chocolate and Raspberry Cake with Metallic Chocolate Sails

Learn how to bake and decorate this delicious rich chocolate cake balanced with raspberry filling.

Start date: Saturday 15/02/2020 Duration 1 day

Cake decorating intensive – intermediate - 5 days

Expand your skills to become an accomplished cake decorator and create some truly stunning cakes in the process.

Start date: Monday 30/03/2020 Duration 5 days